Oh He Dead – “Lonely Sometimes”

Groovy and sensual laid back vibes circulate throughout the organic sonic qualities of “Lonely Sometimes”. Oh He Dead has such a great performance in the way that the production competes with new hot acts like Lizzo in terms of creativity but with a rawer emotion to it in the instrumentation that could be comparable to Jason Mraz. Lyrically “Lonely Sometimes” is relatable especially if you’re going through an end of summer and end of summer fling. Check out the Spotify stream below and catch this amazing band on their way up!

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Oh He Dead is a smoky, groovy indie soul band from Washington, DC. Led by the stirringly passionate harmonies of Cynthia Johnson and Andrew Valenti, Oh He Dead mixes R&B influences with poignant lyrics to move both your soul and your feet.


There’s a little bit of magic and a whole lot of love in the rock ‘n soul band Oh He Dead. Founded in 2014 by Andy Valenti and C.J. Johnson, the now five-piece group creates an “infectious and soulful sound” (The Washington Post) that leaves audience members wanting more of their “deliciously honest, raw, and sexy” music (The Dutch Guy, 2018). The D.C.-based band has captured the hearts of D.C. residents, and the feeling is mutual.

The way in which C.J. “…maneuvers her powerful voice — a combination of Stevie Nicks and Tracy Chapman” (NPR), in conjunction with the deft guitaring of Alex Salser, the arresting harmonies of Andy Valenti, and the soulful rhythm of John Daise (bass) and Adam Ashforth (drums), is quickly garnering national attention. Mixing in healthy doses of classic R&B vibes, funk, and folk, it is no wonder that when attending a show, one can’t help but “… bop and sing along with band members to this infectiously groovy tunes.” (All Songs Considered.)

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