Kicking Sunrise – “Underneath”

If you’re up for one last party of the summer try out “Underneath” by Kicking Sunrise. Ending on a high note this song has a punchy quality that makes the beat impossible to not feel. The vocal performance has all the right falsetto moments for a pop production with sites on your heart. The arrangement rises and falls in all the right places in terms of both instrumentation and energy. A few quirky choices such as reversing the sounds and delays give this an edge that makes it a cut above.

Check out “Underneath” by Kicking Sunrise below!

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Kicking Sunrise is a band of Musicians / Songwriters from Sewell, NJ, that started after a successful posting on YouTube in January 2013. After only a year of writing, performing, and building an extensive fan base in the South Jersey area, the boys were recognized and signed by an independent record label (Right Coast Music). While spending a year in Southern California, Kicking Sunrise has written and recorded a full ten song album of fun, feel good, jazzy pop songs that was released in the Summer of 2015.

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