Toby Johnson “Rumour of a Good Life”

If you’ve ever felt stuck in life, as many of us have before, then this is the uplifting song you should be blasting through your speakers. Toby Johnson captures what it feels like to be at your wits end with life sometimes in his new song “Rumour of a Good Life” while taking the choruses to paint a brighter picture. Even if things are frustrating in the moment, things are always changing. The beat is endearing, starting off simple and building into a captivating tune. Arcade like synths make the sound playful, only adding to the upbeat vibe. With a sound similar to “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone, it’s clear that Toby Johnson’s “Rumour of a Good Life” could turn into a classic that many listeners can enjoy. Check out this great new song below!


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Having already performed alongside artists like Lewis Watson, Mahalia and Isaac Gracie, Toby’s debut headline show takes place in Hackney, London as part of ‘Mahogany Sessions Live’ on August 14th.

Toby shot and directed the video for his single, all along the Cornish coast in an old VW camper during the UK’s last heatwave.

’Rumour of a Good Life’ is centred around a personal experience for Toby: “Often in life we long for an exciting escape. This song is the spontaneous adventure that take us away from our normal lives. Whether you’re traveling long term or just a weekend away. It’s not dependent on finances or know-how. It’s simply based on how willing you are to get to where you want to be. I’ve always wanted to write a summer song that evokes the feeling of being free and this is a pretty good place to start.

Couple facts:

  • Previous single via Mahogany was ‘Isla’ which was BBC Radio 1 Introducing ’Track of the Week’ with Dean Jackson
  • His first headline show is coming up on 14th August in London
  • He’s doing BBC introducing stages throughout the UK festival season
  • Born and raised in the midlands, Lincoln to be exact where he still resides

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