PREMIERE! Alone Zone – “Inwards Out”

The tambourines on fire as Jon Mills struts his way through the suburban streets of London, beach and U.K. countryside setting fire with his steps. The music video style of “Inwards Out” seems almost sitcom opening comparable to Friends or the Office though on a solo journey which makes sense to me because the lyrics are all about being oneself. Lyrically the first verse is a clever play on how capitalism keeps the working class subservient yet alive. Intentionally introspective lyrics have a social observance and questioning of materialistic values. Overall the lyrics speak to the freedom of choice within all of us that comes from being inwards out.

Arrangement wise a seriously cool guitar solo that isn’t a shredder in the classic American rock sense but displays a lot of poise and class in the way it is performed adds to the arrangement in a familiar and fun way. With rhythm guitar work and a sound comparable to acts like the Dire Straits Alone Zone “Inwards Out” brings the cool. The raw production plays to the organic nature of the emotions displayed in “Inwards Out”

If you are looking for a cool swagger-y yet quirky rock and roll music definitely check out the music video for Alone Zone below.

Inwards Out is the lead single from debut album, coming out in October.

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LONDON five piece collective, Alone Zone are a fierce yet fun live act spearheaded by nice guy Jon Mills. Bringing non-stop pulse and energy to the room with drums and 4 guitars. Sounds akin to Miracle Fortress, The Courtneys, and Wild Nothings. ‘Magnetic guitars, catching all right senses. An excellent exercise of rock without artifice’ – Phonograph Me


Alone Zone is a solo project by London musician, Jon Mills. He plays all instruments himself.

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