Let’s Be Giants “Come Find Me”, soothing and magical

A swirling sound of harmony repeated motifs delicately balance “Come Find Me” by Let’s Be Giants. These giants must be treading carefully with this soft of sound. However soft the repeated arpeggio and added soundscape type elements really do make for a large landscape of a production. With lyrics that repeat “its not all bad” followed by “come find me here” sounds like Let’s Be Giants is singing to a utopian location while also paying homage artists like the Pixies and others in their lyrics. This is a great atmospheric song to put on while you’re trying to unwind.

MORE ON THE LET’S BE GIANTS (press release, bio)

Written, recorded and produced by singer-songwriter herself, “Come Find Me” is the first song off Let’s Be Giants Debut EP.. The inspiration behind the song comes from the feeling of being lost in your head, in a universe of your own, in a place you might feel trapped but yet also feel free from the reality of the world around you. Musically it creates a mood, a whirlwind of sounds and colours that make you feel like you are lost and found all at once

The inspiration behind Montreal’s Let’s Be Giants began as the title of a song about the imaginative, carefree years of being a child; fitting, as the progressive rock/dreampop sound the band evokes lets the listener feel just that. Formed by singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Esther Spiegelman, Let’s Be Giants began as a folk duo with her brother Yankie in 2015. The band has organically evolved to include Marek McChalski on drums, Matt Wozniak on bass, Jeremie Dallaire on lead guitar, with frontwoman and songwriter Esther Spiegelman, paying homage to bands like Slowdive, Beach House, Radiohead, Mitski, and Warpaint. The melancholic nature of the lyrics, paired with Spiegelman’s powerful yet vulnerable vocals, provokes the feeling of heartbreak and the nostalgia of love all at once. Musically, there’s a little something for everyone: ambient fingerpicking for the indie lover, grungy downward strumming for the 90’s kids and guitar solos for those shoegaze fans. Ultimately, this blend of genres flows seamlessly, creating something unique and memorable. Let’s Be Giants’ debut EP, “Beneath the Blue” is set to be released July 2019.


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