Ronjo V “Find Me Out” – Euphoria Guaranteed When the Chorus Hits

Upbeat guitar licks, easy-to-listen to vocals, and an addictive chorus makes “Find Me Out” a great addition for anyone’s indie rock playlist. Ronjo V captivates listeners with this simple yet alluring new song. Backing vocals add a passionate layer as the chorus comes in, which hits listeners like a bus (you know, if the bus was made of good music and not metal). The music swells in an overwhelming collection of acoustic guitars and upbeat drums, easily entrancing listeners. The bridge slows things down, while still keeping the energetic vibe that’s been built up. Check out this great new song (and delightful chorus!) below.


Austin, TX vanity project led by Ryan Joseph of 5th Street Studios presents the first release from upcoming album by Ronjo V. Produced by White Denim’s James Petralli, mixed by Jim Vollentine, and mastered by Christian Wright of Abbey Road Studios.

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