Moon Palace “Bold”

Opening with a laid back, yet upbeat tune, “Bold” quickly grabs listener’s attention. The lyrics are ominous, while the singing is light and reclusive. Added with the synths, heavy drums, and a groovy bass line the overall song has an intriguing vibe that will captivate listeners from beginning to end. Despite the foreboding element, “Bold” keeps up a vibrantly steady energy. This is the type of song you might hear in the background of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, something you’d play deep in the forest in the dead of night. The energy is mysterious and electrifying all at once. Check out this exhilarating new song by Moon Palace below!


Seattle indie rock band Moon Palace – led by twin sisters Cat & Carrie Biell – just shared a dreamy new single, “Bold” via KEXPI really love the Beach House/Warpaint vibe of this band, who also happen to be amazing people…Carrie works with the blind and deaf to find employment (the twins grew up with deaf parents) and Jude is an elementary school teacher/drum instructor at Queer & Trans Youth Music Program…They’re releasing a new album Shadowcast on Aug 23.

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