“Shutdown” atmospheric and brooding track from Sultans Court.

Stranger Things esque synthesizers warm up “Shutdown” by Sultans Court. Comparable to superstars like Twenty One Pilots but with a hint of Alt-J. A vocal timbre that I prefer to most pop stars that is dark and brooding. “Shutdown” also draws influence from surf rock in the guitar writing as well as a number of other genre which will make “Shutdown” accessible to a wide audience. “Shutdown” comes following the release of “Haunted” which has already gained over 10,000 Spotify streams and they’ve been featured on some indie Spotify playlists. I’m hyped up for this style of music and you should be too. Check out “Shutdown” below as well as press notes and Sultans Courts Spotify catalog.


“For us, the Internet sometimes feels a little like the Wild West, where cowboys wander aimlessly through the prairie,” Konstantin describes. “Freedom comes with a price: security is given up. This is reflected in the line ‘My Monument is made of bytes'”Julius adds, “Meanwhile the narrative self dreams of a better world. At times the track feels a bit like a western soundtrack.” Konstantin laughs. ‘I am my Shutdown living like this’, it echoes again and again; doubts accompany the journey.

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