Dylan Perkons is grateful for love

Organic tones and the honest crooning of Dylan Perkons makes a sweet and tender production “Desert Island”. I get a wanderlust listening to tunes that are so folksy as this. This would fit on a playlist with acts like Yankee & The Foreigners and Dispatch in my opinion. A little sentimental, a little tender, a little self-loathing but honest and true I really dug “Desert Island” and I think you will too! Check it out below along with press notes and socials!


Victoria-based Dylan Perkons’ upcoming debut is a collection of richly orchestral songs that tell the story of an experienced songwriter finally stepping out to record under his own name. Perkons has spent his career working on various projects, honing his craft both on the road and in the studio, so while The Healing Day is his first solo outing, it represents a much longer journey.




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