Mantra Love “XO” – Beach Vibes from a Break Up Inspiration

Killer guitar parts, upbeat energy, and overall beach vibes, “XO” is a great new song to check out this week! Laid back vocals pull the listener in, sounding like they’re sung into a 60s style microphone by a charmer straight out of Hairspray. “XO” sounds like a song you’d hear on the ocean side, with surfers in the distance and a setting sun on the horizon. While the lyrics are something we can all relate to, singing about harbored feelings for an ex, the song doesn’t leave listeners in a pessimistic funk (though we can’t say as much about your dead-end relationship) and instead builds up in a radiant beat that will leave you wanting to see what else is in store for Mantra Love.


“XO” is about those feelings and thoughts you get when you see someone you still love after a break up. It’s hard to put those feelings aside to resist any temptations that may still lay inside you. You may want to grab that person and kiss them but you know what lies at the end of that road… disappointment and heartbreak. It’s about overcoming those urges and breaking the cycle to change your life for the better.

Derek and Fabian recorded a demo of this song in Derek’s apartment and later re-recorded the song after fleshing out the song more from what they had in the demo version. After tracking it with Gil Castillo on drums and Zane Armstrong on keys, Ty Robins mixed and mastered the song in his home studio along with the brothers.

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