“Burning It Down” Emily Brimlow, ‘skater girl soul pop’.

I originally had this titled as a Jack Johnson-esque hip-hop rnb surprise but “Skater Girl Soul Pop” sums it up even better. I was so surprised when I started listening to this track in all the right ways. It is so organic and raw but so focused and every note feels like it was specifically chosen to really drive home the point that she’s done being limited by the social contract. It’s like if Amy Winehouse had ever learned how to surf and decided to sign with Brushfire Records. It’s really fun and different to hear such a spirited and uplifting voice singing about burning anything down. I could see this going over really well in a lot of different scenarios but your parents might hate it? Check it out below if you’re feeling in a summery and fun mood!


Skater Girl Soul Pop

Emily Brimlow is a soul singer, songwriter originally from BC, Canada. She’s now living in Huntington Beach, California . She is known for her unique blend of soul, RnB, hip hop, and world music. Since a young age, Emily has been immersed in music. She began singing and playing guitar at family “shindigs” under the tutelage of her father, also an accomplished musician. After high school, Emily spent time in Australia where she toured with her band bringing music to small towns in Australia’s outback. Emily began her career singing with a band in Australia, on a tour. Emily believed that music is the universal language of love that connects people regardless of their personal history, experiences or beliefs. Performing and sharing music is Emily’s way of bringing all different types of people together. Her joy in preforming is gathering people and creating experience that’s never happen before.

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