Dan Rico “Let’s Go Back” to when we were carefree and happy

Dan Rico is a Brooklyn based artist who writes an introspective and atmospheric piece with his song “Let’s Go Back”. The subtle instrumental arrangement allows for a listener to put their own experiences and perspective in the place of the singer and relate fully to the lyrics. A very meditative piece by Dan Rico I’d recommend “Let’s Go Back” to anyone who feels like they might be going through some shit. Check out the lyrics and press notes below!


I wrote “Let’s Go Back” it after having a series of dreams in which I was dropped back into my past. I was taken to a room I used to play in at my grandparents house, looking out over their backyard. In another I was in my old Chicago neighborhood meeting friends at a bar and getting food at a restaurant I loved that had since closed. It’s a song about the inevitability and acceptance of time passing, and how the beautiful moments in our lives can be recalled slowly, with delectable care and love. This song is a departure from my typically more upbeat and poppy style. It came out languid, meditative, and loving.


Can we go back to that place?

Free from bitterness and haste

Moments happy plans were made

Strange how sadly dissipated

I remember in my mind

Moments tender hearts benign

Can we turn around in time?

Rage against the dying light

I remember in my mind

I remember in my mind

Can we turn around in time?

Rage against the dying light

Dan Rico is a Brooklyn based singer and producer. After his debut album “Endless Love” in 2016, he released the follow-up “Dreamy” in 2018 and “Basement Pop” in 2019, along with a series of EP’s and singles. A prolific songwriter, Rico jumps seamlessly between genres incorporating collage-like elements of bedroom pop, lo-fi dance music, rock, and electronica. Major influences include Prince, the classic rock pantheon (Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan), Nicolás Jaar and Frank Ocean.

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