Evan Castle & the Southern Tier “Apt. B” is dark blue collar country influence rock

A rounded and thick sound helps drive the “lights are slowly fading” vocal hook home with the accompanying production techniques. Lyrically the song is a fight between lovers and ends with leaving the apartment hence the name “Apt. B”. What I was really drawn to was the cinematic levels of reverb used to wash out the harmony. What I was kind of turned off by was how round the snare drum was but when you turn this tune up really loud you’ll really understand how this track was supposed to be listened to. The band is from the “forgotten tip of Appalachia” and you can hear it in their songwriting. I think Evan Castle & the Southern Tier really understand who they are and are a great band to put on while you’re drinking whisky around a fire if you’re willing to go to a darker place.


Evan Castle comes from one of those places that has neither been celebrated or vilified. Its attitude of blue-collar determination has created a vacuum of creation and expression, which has ironically become the inspiration for his latest project, Evan Castle and the Southern Tier. Born and raised at the forgotten tip of Appalachia in Western New York, Evan was raised in a sparsely populated community that often seems to be just behind the places that are just behind the times. This safe and quiet environment is where Evan first began to create music and find his voice.

Castle relocated to Tennessee 3 years ago to pursue music. In stark contrast to the place he had just left he decided to settle in a city with a thriving music and arts scene; Nashville, TN. The industry town provided a needed creative spark allowing him to collaborate with other artists and develop his writing. After a few years, however, he yearned to create the sort of authentic music that he grew up watching his father play in the local bars. And so, Evan returned home to write and record a body of work with lead single, Passengers.

With Passengers and future releases, Evan Castle and The Southern Tier aim less to place themselves comfortably within a defined music scene but, rather, to create a defined mood. A creative decision to utilize analog recording for all instruments provides a warmth and depth throughout his work. Seductively simple guitar licks create a sound that recalls classic rock of years’ past while lead single “Passengers” is reminiscent of early Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

Evan Castle & The Southern Tier often sound as if they are evoking a different time. In reality they evoke a different place. A place without the luxury of being forgotten because it was never known in the first place.

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