Dylan Seamus “A Change is Gonna Come” – For Better or For Worse!

With intensely impressive guitar playing and thought provoking lyrics, “A Change is Gonna Come” is an energetic, acoustic song that will captivate listeners. With a sound liken to Johnny Cash, Dylan Seamus spins a lively tune that focuses on the unavoidable fact that change is going to come. Whether you like it or not, times are constantly changing in every way imaginable. Seamus doesn’t go into direct detail about the changes he sees  coming (though I’m sure many of us are hoping for big changes in the political field soon) which makes this song even more relatable for any type of listener, as the change could be anything from political to personal. The main point is that sometimes you never know what it’s going to be. Whether we like it or not, change is something everyone will have to deal with at some point in their life because, as the lyrics say, “you can slow down the flames, but the fire has been lit.” Check out this catchy new song by Dylan Seamus below.


Dylan Seamus, age 21, is a singer-songwriter from Scranton, Pennsylvania. As a teenager, he played in several bands in the Scranton area, but when he left his hometown to attend Boston College, he decided to start his solo career. With genres ranging from punk to ska to acoustic, he released his first album “Planning My Escape” in 2018. He is currently attending school and working on his politically charged second album.

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