Big Society “Marine Club Party”

A chaotic introduction quickly leads into a controlled and percussive verse that features laid back vocals and ear-catching guitar playing. The backing vocals add another layer to this easy to listen to tune before starting to build as the chorus comes in. This is the type of groovy beat you’d find yourself swaying to like waves in the ocean. The bridge starts to slow, really pulling listeners in as the vocalist sings about the one girl he wants to spend his nights with at the Marine Club Party. You’ll find yourself wanting to find a similar love this summer like the one found in Big Society’s newest song, which you can check out below

And check out the live session here!

Live Dates:

July 12 – Bob Dylan & Neil Young @ Hyde Park

July 23 – The Old Blue Last, London

July 25 – Stanton Calling Festival, Hertfordshire

Aug 16 – Cotton Clouds Festival, Oldham

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