“Hey Ruth” a colorful new song and video from the Barren Spinsters

Packed with energy and Jimi Hendrix type rock and roll riffage with a modern production techniques this duo get bombed with paint during the chorus of “Hey Ruth”. For being a duo the way they use rhythmic and thin verse lush harmonic choices really creates a full landscape of sound. The lead singer plays his solo on a balloon guitar after his was stolen by masked men who repeatedly harass the Barren Spinsters throughout the video. Kind of reminds me of a heavier Black Keys with a bit more of a Williamsburg hipster edge with the bright colors. Totally what I’m into and I bet this would be sick live. Check it out below!


With a wall of sound that Phil Spectre would be proud of (in between tantrums and drafting terrible contracts), The Barren Spinsters deliver raucous high energy in both their recordings and their live shows. The questionable facial hair sporting duo channel a Black Crows southern boogie type of Rock n Roll that’s taken a trip down to the local circus; it’s all about everyone having a good-time!

The band is based in Canberra and consists of Brendon Houlahan (Vocal/Guitar) and Matt Tennant (Vocals /Drums). They’re (almost) all set to release their debut album. Earlier this year they released the lead single “West Of The Happiness” which did quite well, thanks for asking.

Their latest single “Hey Ruth” paves the way for their much-anticipated debut album, Ten Steps to Cynical Thinking. The track is a toe-tapping ear worm, lamenting the lack of good yum cha in the country.

“You know it’s time to move to the city (Canberra) when your only good cuisine options include day old chicken in a bain-marie. The song is about other things as well, but that stuff is boring so let’s talk about chicken instead.”

– Brendon Houlahan (vocals/guitar)


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Friday 14 June – The Abbey, Canberra

Thursday 11 July – Smiths, Canberra

Saturday 20 July – Jambaroo Music Festival

Saturday 27 July – 1895 The Royal – Echuca Blues Fest

Sunday 28 July – Hopwood Gardens – Echuca Blues Fest

Friday 2 August – Marrickville Bowls Club, Marrickville

Saturday 3 August – Smiths, Canberra

Sunday 4 August – Bridge Rd Brewers, Beechworth

Saturday 24 August – Capital Brewery, Canberra

Friday 4 October – Caloundra Music Festival

Saturday 5 October – Caloundra Music Festival

Sunday 6 October – Caloundra Music Festival

Saturday 19 October – Smiths, Canberra

Saturday 16 November – Healesville Music Festival

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