Jon Wiilde “Casey” – official video review

Dreamy and soothing song “Casey” by Jon Wiilde accompanies a psychedelic artistic music video. Sacramento based songwriter really brings something unique and awesome to the mix with his ambient style of songwriting. The relaxed tempo of the music allows for the listener to really feel every chord change and mood behind “Casey”. People who might enjoy this would be fans of Aaron Taos, Glass Animals or Tame Impala. I really love the “stop, take a moment” line it really fits the sonic landscape in a way that I think ties the whole thing together. Looking forward to more from Jon Wiilde.


Jon Wiilde is an artist showcasing a combination of psychedelia, raw vulnerability, and a true love for songwriting. A splash of the 70’s hits the ear when you listen to the music from this Sacramento based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. All the while, not sacrificing a modern sound and keeping very true to the universal reality that great songs and great art comes from an absolutely authentic, genuine, and inherently unique perspective.

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