If Walls Could Talk “Wasted Time” – Save the Office Work for After Summer

Buckle up for a song and music video duo that will have you catching your breath from laughing so hard. “Wasted Time” is an upbeat, beach vibe, all around completely relatable (especially during summer time!) song. Who wants to be stuck inside doing office work when the weather is beautiful and you’d rather be out having fun, playing games, and…well…wasting time? The music video perfectly embodies this feeling with five guys stuck in such a situation when their boss walks out, leaving in charge a wildly reluctant employee. While the one simply wants to get work done, he’s surrounded by his buddies that would rather have a good time wasting time. The shots are hysterical, something you would find in The Office or Parks and Rec, and it’s obvious these band mates have a blast together. The camaraderie can be felt in the music as well, as we get an energetic tune with passionate vocals and ear-pleasing backing harmonies. If you’re in need of a laugh and a great new song, check out “Wasted Time” below.


If Walls Could Talk are a Detroit-based pop-rock group. The band  has just released their brand-new album, Because It’s Love, on June 7th; the album dives into love in all of its forms.

Off the release comes lead single “Honest,” closely followed by “Wasted Time”: an upbeat track which continues to expand on all stages and different types of love. In this case, the love of freedom to enjoy your time, or, as the band states, “Is there ever really a bad time to waste?” The track’s music video takes the viewer through a Ferris Bueller-esque celebratory moment, when the workers have the office to themselves. It’s full of confetti, Nerf guns, and a whole lot of boys-just-wanna-have-fun attitude!

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