Dead Before Breakfast “Haze” – The Rebellion Anthem

Jumping right in with high energy and attention-grabbing guitar playing, “Haze” is perfect for anyone looking for a new fiery, angsty tune to add to their playlist. The vocalist sings with a rebellious type of passion that anyone who’s ever snuck out of their parent’s house in the middle of the night will instantly relate to. The lyrics paint a picture of black boots, leather jackets, cigarette smoke, and ultimately the perfect image for any girl that had a crush on Kurt Cobain or Layne Staley growing up. The chorus pulls listeners in as the beat picks up more (if that was even possible!) before throwing us into another head-thrashing guitar lick. Anyone looking for a new hard rock band to jam out to while living your best devious life, this is the one for you.


Explosive riffs and energy with a technical edge, Dead Before Breakfast is progressive alt-rock loud and proud!

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, the troublesome trio combine angsty guitars with soaring hooks and intricate melodies, creating an energy that’s larger than the sum of its parts.

After coming out of hibernation stinking of cigarettes and cheap beer, Dead Before Breakfast hit the studio for their debut album ‘Rogue’, scheduled for release in late June.

With eight tracks that range from full on head banging, to pretty ambient interludes, ‘Rogue’ represents the group at their peak.

Formerly known to the world as Brisbane’s Cosmic Assassins, the three-piece now call Melbourne home, not before having played to open-air crowds of 5000, and selling out Black Bear Lodge in support of The Steele Syndicate.


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