Strawman & The Jackdaws “Precious Star” is so uplifting!

From the very beginning, “Precious Star” gives off a whimsical vibe that will entrance any listener. The slow start, accompanied by a lulling vocalist and mystical sounding backing vocals, paves way for the build up that leads us to the first chorus. The beat picks up slowly at first before taking off in a flurry of positive, uplifting energy. Though the second verse slows down again, the song loses none of its passion and liveliness. “Precious Star” is the type of song you would hear in the back of a Studio Ghibli movie, just as the protagonist realizes all is not lost. Even the album artwork, which depicts a large bird type creature amidst an eerie landscape, seems to sum up how this song appears to be both delightfully sweet and mysteriously chilling at the same time. The harmonies that appear throughout the song work perfectly with the rest of the rhythms. If anyone is looking for a song that’s slightly different, but absolutely beautiful in production, this is the track for you.


Strawman & The Jackdaws is a Dublin based Alternative/Folk band formed in the year 2017.

Their music has many different influences: from catchy pop atmospheres to heavier distorted riffs, with an always present element of melodic folky lines.

The band has announced a summer Irish Tour that will be followed by performances in Festival in Ireland and Italy.

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