Bobby Quick and the Speeds of Sound “That’s How We Do It”

With a rocking start and vocals sounding like The Strokes, this song is perfect for anyone looking for a new, energetic tune to liven up their playlists. The guitar riff that repeats throughout the verses is extremely catchy, and easily engages audiences before throwing them into the upbeat, head-banging chorus. “That’s How We Do It” is full of reckless passion that will get listeners on their feet and dancing. The bridge emphasizes the piano and trumpet playing as the other instruments fall back, giving the song a fun, funk-pop vibe before diving right back into the rock and roll that hooked us at the beginning. This high energy song is great for those needing a positive, but still thrashing mix to liven up their day.

Check out the other two songs on this album, along with “That’s How We Do It” above!


“Thats How We Do It” is a song about overcoming hurdles. Its a song about self esteem, success, and inspiration. Although simple in context, we believe the song has tremendous publishing potential and airplay, given its straightforward message.

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