Simon Linsteadt, “Cemetery” – like a cool May morning

It’s been said on this blog before that you mustn’t judge a book by its cover. To judge Simon Linsteadt by his joker costume and song title, for instance, would be a disservice, for what lies below the somewhat vexing surface is more than worth the dive. Linsteadt’s motive and propelling guitar arpeggios and use of mandolin are reminiscent of Iron & Wine or City & Colour. The picture he paints with these two instruments alone is one of a cool afternoon amongst the trees and the cleansing breeze. The singer/songwriter’s vocals blend seamlessly into the composition, resonating with a warm analog tone and a gentle, almost haunting presence not dissimilar to Penny & Sparrow. This latter comparison is even more apt when examining “Cemetery’s” lyrics: the narrator is speaking about a girl’s grave in the cemetery near his home, but their relationship and the significance of her death is unknown. It’s ambiguous and thought-provoking, imploring you to let the song carry your away in thought or simply relaxation. Quite fitting for a Sunday morning, no?


Simon Linsteadt is a singer-songwriter and composer living in New York City. Since 2015 he has released four solo albums, and his song ‘Back to Bed in California’ earned him over 2.8 million streams on Spotify’s editorial playlist ‘Classic Acoustic’.

Between 2013 and 2017 Linsteadt toured extensively throughout the United States and into Canada as singer, songwriter, and guitarist of San Francisco band Steep Ravine, with whom he released three albums. Steep Ravine performed at such notable venues as The Fillmore, The Great American Music Hall, High Sierra Music Festival, Sisters Folk Festival, Four Corners Folk Festival, and many more.


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