Brazier, “Redefining Us”- love is in the air!

I went to a music-heavy wedding once. A groomsman or two played a song, the groom played a song, there was a slideshow during the ceremony, it was super long, bridesmaids fainted… Fun stuff! However, I wish those songs had been at least half as catchy as this one. Written as a wedding gift, Brazier’s “Redefining Us” is a celebration of two people teaming up for life and redefining what their companionship means and represents in their lives. Now, if you’re a realist like me, you may approach a “wedding gift song” with some trepidation, but there is no need! “Redefining Us” is fun, upbeat, celebratory, and full of love without the tired tropes. This Americana duet is as wholesome as they come, and is guaranteed to make you at least a little bit giddy when you listen!


Cornwall born Brazier finds songwriting and music clears his mind enabling him to express his emotions. Growing up in Cornwall Brazier used to find the sea a very peaceful and calm place to write songs also allowing him to express himself through his music.

Brazier likes to write in many different genres and styles which are all influenced by his love for music and from his music degree. Brazier’s main purpose through songwriting is to create positive lyrics and catchy songs to inspire other musicians around the world.


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