Brook Davis “Darling” – an organic amalgamation of what we love about pop punk!

“Two young lovers in the city, but also a third lover… the city itself, which played an important role in itself.” That’s Brook Davis. The NYC duo melts together all sorts of punk essentials in their new single, “Darling.” The track starts off as a sort of homage to The Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979,” featuring a solid drum backbone, some bass sitting in the pocket, and an arpeggio-heavy guitar line- all beneath soft and unassuming vocals. Interspersed “Oh’s” deliver a splash of pop before the chorus kicks in like many a pop-punk anthem that came before. The bass drum is relentless, the lead guitars are playing octaves, and the vocals will take you on a nostalgia trip to the days Armor for Sleep and New Found Glory. Brook Davis channel their inner A Day to Remember with a fun pop-punk breakdown before delivering one last chorus, and just like that it’s over. So take 3.5 minutes to travel reminisce on everything that makes pop-punk break with Brook Davis and “Darling.”


Forming in the fall of 2018, Brook Davis (named after fashion mogul from One Tree Hill) aren’t your typical angsty pop punk boys. The NYC based duo is made up of guitarist/vocalist Moses Charles, and drummer Calvin Gaynor, who met in high school bonding over shared influences, such as All Time Low, The Maine, Mayday Parade and other pop punk contemporaries. The duo recorded their debut EP, Serious Damage, with Jack Mason of Spotify Studios. Through energetic riffs and enormous hooks, Brook Davis prove their catchy guitar pop isn’t to be messed with.


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