It’s Valentine’s Day in May with Phantom Vibrations and “…And I Love You (I do, I do)”

You ever hear love songs that make you want to gag? The one’s that lack any genuine feeling and are exploding with cliches? Well you can rejoice, for this is not one of those! Formerly of Awolnation, David Amezcua is reemerging with indie group Phantom Vibrations to put a modern stamp on classic vibes with “…And I Love You.” Complete with a downtempo triple meter, clean guitar arpeggios, and big hits on the second pulse, this is a sweet and saccharine slice of love pie straight from the 50s. Amezcua manages to capture that lovey-dove flavor of the mid-20th century that had Americans swooning. His lyrics are heart-on-sleeve without sounding contrived, and that accordion solo is really just the cherry on top. All in all, this is a can’t-miss slice of romantic nostalgia that just makes you feel good.


David Amezcua (Awolnation, HOTSTREETS) brings forth a new fight with Phantom Vibrations.


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