Digital Daggers cast a catchy & moody spell with “Black Magic”

Weaving foreboding synth bass lines, mystical & sultry female vocals, and halloween-infused string arpeggios, “Black Magic” may leave you thinking that you’ve heard it on one of the hundred young adult paranormal thrillers that are on TV today. Well, given Digital Daggers’ track record, it wouldn’t come as a surprise! Comprised Jason Smith & Andrea Wasse, Digital Daggers is the result of two Sony-employed songwriters taking their years of experience in the industry and deciding to do things their way. Thus, their music has the personal & genuine feel of a band, with the marketability and catchiness that comes from growing within the industry. “Black Magic” puts all on display as an infectiously dark slice of paranormal pop that’s equally at home on your car radio as it is on television.


Digital Daggers is the brain-child and labour of love of multi instrumentalist/producer Jason ‘Space’ Smith and singer-songwriter Andrea Wasse. Brought together in 2008, the duo started off writing pop songs to pitch for other artists, but quickly lost interest in that pursuit when they started collaborating on music that felt a little more left of centre and absolutely more personal to them. Since the band’s inception, their songs have found homes in the world of film and television and have been featured on many shows from Revenge to Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries.


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