Dylan Taylor “Devil On My Sleeve” – A Controversial Tune Many Will Relate To

Starting right off with an upbeat, easy to listen to tune, this song initially sounds like a summer time go-to. As the lyrics come in, however, it’s apparent that the message here is far deeper than a simple summer night. The vocalist, who sings with a beautiful type of passion, starts by telling an unknown source that she doesn’t want to conform to their Jesus and their judgment. Instead, she’d rather spread love, smile, and dance. As the chorus comes in, the drumming picks up and the steady beat intensifies in energy. The lyrics state that maybe it’s the devil on her sleeve, maybe it’s the evil in her, but she’d rather be who she is than conform to something she doesn’t believe in just to please those around her. Having grown up in a highly religious household myself, it’s easy to see where this singer may be coming from. It’s not about the religious belief, per se, but the people who use Christianity and other religions to hide the fact that they’re really just hateful people. This singer wants nothing to do with that type of lifestyle. Instead, she’d rather live a life full of love and acceptance. Are there people who practice religion that also lead this type of life? Of course! But we’ve all met that one person who believes they’re sent directly from up above to tell you how you should look, dress, love, and live. This is a song that sounds light and energetic on the outside, but deep down it’s full of raw emotion than many of us can relate to in one way or another. It’s a bold and courageous statement of not backing down, despite what others may think.

Welcome to the new DT. ‘Devil On My Sleeve’ is the first of three singles coming out this year with music videos leading up to a full EP produced by the one and only Trey Bruce. All music videos for this project shot and edited by Alex Cooper. Chairs by Madison Braun.

‘Devil On My Sleeve’ is the first of three singles coming out in the next three months leading up to a 6 song EP release by Dylan Taylor. Dylan is a singer-songwriter based out of Nashville, Tennessee. She can be found and followed through the following links:





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