Take a trip to an alternate year 2000 with Maddie Ross and “Liv Tyler”

Ever wanted to relive the corniness of 2000s MTV and Nickelodeon? Well thank to Maddie Ross’s “Liv Tyler,” you can- and this time it’s queer! Taken from Maddie Ross’s latest album release, “Liv Tyler” is a bubblegum pop-rock anthem that tells the tale of a young girl fantasizing about being the girl in the movie, except that all those girls ended up with guys.

Now, thanks to “Liv Tyler’s” official music video, that young girl dreams no more! Directed by Zach Siegel, “Liv Tyler” takes 2000s teen media and gives it a shot of inclusivity. We see the protagonist land herself in a reversed rom-com where looking nerdy is key to getting the girl, then get slimed on the “totally not” Nickelodeon channel. We visit a gay Coca-Cola commercial, a biracial lesbian Polly Pocket commercial (hats off to the masterpiece that is 3:41), and some teen reality TV chock full of queer and inclusive characters. Featuring the glorious 4:3 aspect ratio, this video is ripe full of pooka shell necklaces, corny dance moments, and VHS overlays; and honestly, it’s a ton of fun! Once you settle into the groove, “Liv Tyler” is a hysterical and touching reiteration of the pop culture that feels a world away from us here in 2019, giving it a new and inclusive shot of life while perfectly preserving everything that made it so fun and so damn goofy.


LA-based Indie Rocker Maddie Ross was once described by The 405 as an “Alt-Pop Dream Queen”. Ross writes pop-punky love songs and guitar-driven anthems about her producer, co-writer and longtime girlfriend Wolfy. In early 2017, Maddie came to the attention of Billboard Rock writer Chris Payne, who named her “The Best DIY Rock Star You’ve Never Heard Of”. Her single “You’re Still my Sugar” went on to be named the “#9 Best Rock Song of 2017” by Billboard.com.





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