It’s back to basics with The Quins’ “Bright and New”

Standing out in the modern music scene can seem like an impossible feat. Everywhere you go, you’ll see bands doing whatever they can to look a bit different from the band right next to them. However, sometimes basic is better, and that’s what makes The Quins stand out. “Bright and New” is no-tricks-no-frills rock, and it’s a seriously good. The Bostonian bunch take rock back to its bare essentials with a four-piece line-up; grooving drum and bass beats; catchy licks that aren’t desperate for praise; and vocals that aren’t trying to perform gymnastics like a damn Olympian. This music is all about getting together with your friends and having a humble good time- hell, maybe that’s why the music video is nothing more than a night out at the local dive bar! Feel like you need a palette cleanse in the midst of the modern music scene? One listen to The Quins, and you’ll be feeling Bright and New!


A Fab Four-Piece Alternative Rock Band from Boston, Massachusetts. Our sound and style is shaped from Classic rock music, to heart and soulful Blues, the groovin’ Funk, never-ending Jam, and overall radio-friendly Pop. We will not only steal your hearts with our raspy voices,crunchy guitars and syrupy jams; but also sooth your souls with our sweet lyrical fusion of Love and Evil.


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