*OUT TODAY* Sean Kennedy, “Young and Depressed”

“Young and Depressed” begins with reserved and light guitar arpeggio melodies that reminded me immediately of Day Wave. That right there should have prepared me for how deep this song would go. Massachusetts Sean Kennedy carves out his identity in the massively crowded moody indie genre through his brutally honest and story-driven lyrics. With an unfiltered honesty that may require a few listens to sink in with more reserved listeners, Kennedy contemplates on the nature of bad people and bad deeds. No one is born bad, Kennedy seems to say, but it’s the traumas and plights a child is faced with that can plant the seeds for a person doing reprehensible things later in life. Behind every “bad guy” is just a depressed child that didn’t get the care it needed. Kennedy delivers his powerful and loaded story with emotional but almost quaint vocals, sitting atop lush instrumental that sweeps the listener into the journey that is “Young and Depressed.”




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