Modra Luna “Lola”

Starting off with a melancholic bass line, this song is calming and easy to listen to from the beginning. The vocals come in passionately, slowly building the song up until the drums come in and the beat becomes more energetic. The backing vocals give another layer to the song, really opening up the sound. Around 1:30 the beat takes a lively turn with a vibrant guitar lick that would have any listener on their feet. The bridge slows the song down a bit before building up again and leaving the listener wanting more.

Born and bred in London after a fortuitous encounter and a shared pint at a local haunt, Modra Luna are a rarity that can be discovered once in a Blue Moon. With lunar phases shining over them with a variety of influences, Seth Tonkin, Domokos Wootsch, Jack Ewins, and Daniel Nunan are combining a fresh tapestry of unique indie charm.

The first quarter brought in the element of grunge and raw, heavy rhythms. The full moon sparkled a post-punk attitude giving them funked-up bass lines, with the last quarter inspiring an alternative twist keeping even themselves guessing what’s coming next. A new moon captured the psychedelic rock and abstract ideas explored through hypnotic hooks and crooning tones.

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