Creature Fear, “Baby Love Me”- put on your stompin’ boots!

Put on your stompin’ boots and get dancin’, cuz Creature Fear ain’t messin’! The Australian quintet is delivering one helluva good time with their rockin’ wailer of a tune, “Baby Love Me.” With an opening acoustic guitar straight out of Elvis’s back pocket that immediately gives way to to twangy backwater guitars and syncopated rhythms, it’s a shock that this crew isn’t straight out of the corn-belt states. Their thumping beats, gritty electric guitars, and wailing vocals exploding with energy break the sound barrier with an authentic souther rock vibe that doesn’t hold back. If Creature Fears’ guitar solos, roaring vocal hooks, and heart-thumping beats aren’t enough to get you itching for a dance-floor, then I’m afraid you might be DOA…


What do you get when you take five ambitious and manic musicians from far-flung suburbs and country towns and lock them in an inner-city Melbourne rehearsal room? You get Creature Fear – a compelling mix of 60’s garage rock and modern atmospherics rolled into a full-bore, shoes-off sound that can still whisper sweet nothings in your ear. With their theatrical, leg-spasming live show turning heads, Creature Fear are not just an energetic live act but have something interesting and startlingly original to say.


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