Amo Amo “Closer to You” – Uplifting Mid Day Break

This song starts off with a calming, laid back melody and a beautiful symphony of harmonic vocals. As the intro falls back, a jazzy beach tune comes in. The lyrics are uplifting, with the singer reflecting on how there’s no reason to feel anything but happy when you’re close to that special someone. The beat is similar to bands such as the Gorillaz during their Plastic Beach era (though my co-writers were quick to compare them to classics such as Bob Marley as well) and perfect for anyone that loves getting lost in that type of music. Accompanied by a mythical type music video that focuses on a fairy-esque lead as she sings on a beach before seemingly becoming one with the waves, this song is perfect for those long summer nights and times you just need a sound to make you happy.

Amo Amo, led by queer vocalist Love Femme, recently released a video for dreamy single When I Look At You from their upcoming album. The track followed singles When We’re Gone” and Closer To You,” which gathered more than half a million Spotify plays, as well as heavy rotation on tastemaker stations like KCRW, KCSN, etc. After an impromptu session in LA, the band & Jim James took to California’s vineyards with no cell phone service to emerge with this collection of soulful, enchanting pop tracks.
Legendary mastering engineer Bob Ludwig (Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Ocean) said “I really love these songs, they are stand outs of the past year for me…Amo Amo has made a very special album.” Jenny Eliscu (Rolling Stone, Sirius XM) added “Rarely do I come across a new band with as strong a sense of self-identity as Amo Amo…their live show is ecstatic.”

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