Ned Moss, “When Will I See”- a carefully-layered lazy Sunday introspection

A splash of James Taylor here, a dash of John Mayer there, and the mixture you’re left with might remind you Ned Moss. The Londoner singer-songwriter pairs pensive and simplistic yet resonant vocal melodies with a cornucopia of guitar textures to create “When Will I See”- a dimly-lit reflection on self-worth, gratitude for what we have, and contemplating the relativity of struggle and hardship. Moss’s vocals are reserved yet present, allowing warm harmonies in later sections to provide a timely lift. An acoustic guitar plays Americana rhythms and chord progressions that sound straight out of a James Taylor anthology, being joined by a simple kit and bass to round out this coffeeshop anthem. However, it’s in the later stages of “When Will I See” that Moss gives us our final payoff in the form of soulful electric guitar melodies with lots of feeling and a touch of blues. Moss layers his six-string color palette with a variety of colors, ending the tune with a shimmering mix of metallic harmonics, blues licks, acoustic strums, and tasteful bass guitar. What a picture it all paints.


Ned Moss is an young upcoming artist from London. Having studied at the Purcell School of Music for 7 years he is now working with Producer Andy Whitmore, known for producing the like of Elton John and Peter Andre. His writing style brings together a wide variety of influences from John Mayer and Jimi Hendrix to Nick Drake and Bob Dylan. Having released his first single he is now working on an album and gigging around the UK.


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