Smith & Thell, “Forgive Me Friend (Acoustic)”- class is in session!

At first listen, you may find yourself wondering how you’ve never heard of Smith & Thell. However, upon reading their C.V., it all becomes abundantly clear. Smith & Thell is a Swedish songwriting power-duo-turned-performing-duo. Take their years of experience writing hit after hit, and you get “Forgive Me Friend”- a criminally catchy and heartwarming creation. The acoustic version plays like a lovechild of Mumford & Sons and of Monsters and men, featuring folksy fingerpicked guitar and pitch-perfect male/female vocal harmonies throughout. Smith & Thells melodies are expertly crafted- sticking in your head from the first presentation- while the duo’s production chops are displayed in their ability to such a warm and encompassing sound out of a few vocalists, some acoustic guitars, and a kick drum. This acoustic rendition of “Forgive Me Friend” is professional music-makers working at their full capacity.


Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell met one another as young teenagers at a local music event in their hometown of Helsingborg in Southern Sweden. Since then, they have spent their time establishing themselves as one of Sweden’s most sought after songwriter and producer duos. They have contributed as writers on songs for major label artists that have combined to be streamed over 500,000,000 times already. After deciding to launch their own artist project, Smith & Thell, they submitted their original song “Statue” to be considered for Sweden’s prestigious Denniz Pop Awards. With a panel led by multi-platinum producer Max Martin, the jury selected Smith & Thell as the “New Artist of The Year” which is the same honor that was given to international superstar Tove Lo the year prior. Their debut album “Soulprints” was released in May 2017 which included singles “Statue (The Pills Song)”, “Row” and “Toast”. The album has already been streamed over 20 millions times.

In 2018 the band released their biggest song to date “Forgive Me Friend”.


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