PAPER BUOYS, “Chasing Ghosts”- it’s the British Invasion all over again!

PAPER BUOYS may be best known for their politically-charged lyrics and aggressive punk style, but the group have put their chops on display with Chasing Ghosts.” The Birmingham Quartet have opted for a Cure-meets-Smiths British Invasion-esque sound that is ripe with resonant guitar melodies, a tight and driving kit, and vocals washed in echoing reverb. “Chasing Ghosts” carries a sense of yearning and pensive melancholy about it, complementing the eerie and mysterious aura of its name while still providing an energizing and pleasing listening experience. Take a listen and see if you’ll drift over the surf with these PAPER BUOYS.


Ever since forming in 2016, Paper Buoys have had a simple ethos – to make music with an agenda, distilling the vitriol of the everyman. You may have already heard it – it’s there, in spades, on the lacerating punk lashings of ‘Sharp as Razors’ and on the skulking regret of ‘After Dark’, both available on the band’s stellar self-titled debut album, which ultimately won ‘Best Album’ at The Birmingham Music Awards in 2018. It’s been bellowed around some of the UK’s most hallowed venues, trading blows and brilliance with bands such as The Blinders and Otherkin. It’s been in the hearts and minds of every person cheated by the weighty contempt of life, the broken promises, the dusty dreams. In the band’s new single, ‘Chasing Ghosts’, it’s there in an altogether different light.


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