Blake Maloka “Moi et Mes Amis” – The Catchiest Chorus You’ll Hear All Day

Starting off with a fun and up beat rhythm, this song is one that will instantly have listeners on their feet. After the intro, which keeps to simple tones and easy to listen to vocals, the song gets a a heavier bass sound while still incorporating the catchy lyrics that hooked listeners in the beginning. The vocals begin layering as the music builds in intensity before breaking into an 80’s type of sound that fits in with the already unpredictable, but brilliant music thus far. Mid-way through, we’re brought back to the chorus again, this time accompanied with a prominent bass line. We’re then thrown back into the type of music that brings up memories of old arcade games and strobing lights at late night dance clubs. Throughout, we’re constantly brought back to the dance-inducing ‘enchanté…moi et mes amis’ line, which essentially translates to ‘nice to meet you, come party with me and my friends,’ which is exactly what this song makes us want to do.

Blake Maloka are an indie band from Kyiv, Ukraine. They were originally formed in 2013 by astrophysicist Serge and visual artist Kaffelman.

Blake Maloka are certainly one of the most internationally minded emerging music groups from the Ukraine. The band’s sound is based on a contrast between vivid, upbeat guitar riffs reminiscent of English sixties Garage Rock on the one hand, and socially critical lyrics full of irony and sarcasm on the other.

The band’s musical idiom is used to convey simple, clear messages that appeal both to people at home and abroad. Serge is proud of his English language skills, and uses them to build bridges between people of various nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The band believes that borders are artificial constructs drawn up by politicians. The injustices that boundaries create is one of the things the band sings about.

Unfortunately, Ukraine’s music scene is pretty isolated. Most bands and musicians “boil in their own oil”. They remain unknown outside of the country no matter how popular they are locally. Blake Maloka want to change this by becoming global pop stars.

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