Payton Gin “Rendevous” – Psychedelic Jazz to Wake You Up Better Than Coffee

Right from the start, this song is filled with fast and fun beats that will instantly have any listener up and dancing. The vocals come in sounding like they belong in a dimly lit, city jazz club. The beat continues fast and steady, with synths and cymbals that make it sound like it was pulled straight from a psychedelic rock festival. As the chorus comes in, we’re introduced to another vocalist who keeps pace with the smooth, yet rocking melody we’ve been experiencing so far. The backing instruments fade out a bit, focusing on the psychedelic noises that really make this song unique. This is a song you’d listen to while speeding down empty highways; energetic and exciting. The bridge comes in about halfway through with a playful back and forth panning before bringing us back to the jazzy vocals we heard at the beginning. At this point, the song starts to slow a bit as we’re outlined a story of someone who may have lost the girl they were after. We’re quickly brought back by the fast paced guitar and groovy bass line, though, and brought to the end of the song in as thrilling a way as we were brought to the beginning of it.

Payton Gin is an alternative rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts. The band is named after the street singer/songwriter Liv Field’s first producer, Andy Lane of Music Lane Recording’s, who is located in Austin, TX right off of Payton Gin Rd.

The band was cultivated and brought together by Liv Field in late 2018, bringing to life the originals she had been working on for the past year for her alternative rock project. Starting as just playing Liv’s originals quickly turned into a band writing songs together. She had met each member either through house parties in Boston, or through her school at Berklee College of Music. The bands first jam took place in September 2018, and everything seemed to blend beautifully. They began recording their EP in the recording studios in November 2018, playing shows promoting their songs throughout the music scene at Berklee, and can be seen playing venues throughout Boston until they are called elsewhere.

​They plan on releasing a second EP by the end of 2019 with recordings made at Music Lane Recording on Payton Gin Rd. in Austin, Texas.

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