Gawain and the Green Knight “King Louis (There’s Not Enough Champagne)” – The Timelessness of a Love Song

We start this song off with a slow, melodic beat that at first may make some listeners pause. As the lyrics flow in, however, the voice really grabs at your attention. When accompanied with the music video, which focuses on the lead singer decked out in a classic Victorian wig and undergarments in what appears to be a modern day photo shoot, surrounded by equally regaled models, the listener is treated to a truly unique sight and sound that go together better than matching puzzle pieces. The style of the video also plays cleverly with the band’s name, Gawain and the Green Knight, which is a shout-out to the classic tale that was first published in the 14th century, and really plays to an aesthetic that you don’t see very often, but deserves a special kind of literary appreciation.

The actual lyrics of the song, while still holding true to their references of knights and romantic European literature, speak to feelings that anyone can relate to, whether they’re from the times of Sir Gawain or living in a millennial society. Everyone wonders what people say about them when they’re not around, especially when stronger feelings are involved. The repetition really drives these feelings home, as well as the slow procession that leads through the first half of the song. It really speaks to the 15-year-old in all of us that just wants to lay in bed and fret over whether or not that special someone really likes us back. As the second half comes around, the beat begins to get a bit more aggressive and erratic, the way you ultimately end up feeling when these type of emotions come around, chaotic and maybe even a bit out of our control. As the song comes back down again, though, we’re left with the French saying ‘c’est la vie’ or ‘such is life.’ And really, whether it comes to history or unrequited love, that’s what it all comes down to.

Gawain and the Green Knight is a Brooklyn-based folk duo, featuring intimate lyrics, orchestral arrangements, and buckets of longing.

Their debut EP, Ghosties, is a toast to the common ground we share emotionally with history’s dead.

Keep an eye out for their upcoming music video, “King Louis (There’s Not Enough Champagne),” which will debut April 26th, 2019.

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