Come and commiserate to Junodream and “Odd Behaviour”

Lax like a lazy afternoon and as agitated as they come, Junodream’s “Odd Behaviour” is grunge-punk at its best. The London-based quintet does their best to ruminate over their disjointed feelings, starting “Odd Behaviour” as a slow-paced slice of 90’s grunge complete with chromatic guitar riffs, a fuzzed-out bass, and a punchy-yet-simple kick. The vocals carry a smoked-out west coast vibe reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers, keeping things chill while still resonating above the dynamic distortion-infused instrumental. Junodream allow their sound to ebb and flow- sitting in an angsty pocket in the verses while the band flies free in the choruses- until everything comes pouring out in the final section that’ll have you throwing down for sure!


Taking inspiration from artists such as Beck, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Pavement, Junodream has evolved into its superior form. Having built up heady live reputation in London in the short time they’ve existed as Junodream, they’ve also busied themselves self-recording and releasing music over the past year. Their latest EP details feelings of being disjointed, and gradually falling apart as a result.


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