Covey “Stable Now”

This acoustic song entraps listeners with its calming rhythm and beautiful guitar playing. The lyrics begin a bit desolate, outlining the difficulties of life and growing up; things that anyone can relate to. Despite some of the sorrowful lines, there’s a sense of hopefulness that carries on throughout the song. A relationship is outlined, the sense of watching those grow up around you, becoming stable in life despite how difficult it feels.When the backing vocals come in, the singing really starts to strengthen. Both the guitars and the voice have a melancholic feel to them, slow and fading like you might find in a Beatles song or in a conversation with an old friend.

Covey is a folk rock project fronted by British multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Tom Freeman. Since relocating to the United States for school in 2010, he has managed to connect to listeners through his unusual lyrics and raw vocals. A songwriter for 10 years, Freeman’s musical influences range from artists such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Nick Drake, and Blink-182. Covey’s first single “Gecko” off his new album came out recently on March 1st.

Covey has been featured on publications such as the 405, THe Wild Honey Pie, Allston pudding, and All Things Go. Covey has opened for national touring artists such as Hozier, Lighthouse and The Whaler, Soak, and Vagabon, and has played countless shows across the country. “Comes and Goes” has racked up 4.6 million spins on Spotify, with “Bows” and “Stranger” getting over a million streams each.

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