Violet Crime are queens of their castle with “Paper Queen”

Allow me, if you will, to take you on a journey. A journey of what will likely happen the first time you hear “Paper Queen.”

A glossy clean guitar fades in, strumming colorful chords with a jazzy undertone, accompanied by tasteful lead accompaniments. The lead vocals enter silky-smooth, and right away you might have Violet Crime pegged as another dreamy indie band- albeit a sweet one. Well, you thought wrong. Just as easily as they lulled you into a daydream. the Chicago quintet hits you with a swung, full-on blues-rock chorus. Things quickly return back to chill mode, but you already know where the rest of this is going.

Violet Crime seamlessly blend their unique take on indie pop, capitalizing on dynamic and driving drum and bass rhythms, guitar licks that never put a note out of place, and airtight eruptive vocal harmonies. Everyone in this group is on top of their game, and the result is a seriously fun hybrid sound that would feel right at home on the Nashville strip.


Violet Crime has been praised for their dual vocal performances as well as a “modern take on vintage sounds” while exploring Indie, Pop, and Soul genres. 6 months into their first three track EP release, Violet Crime sold out their last several headlining shows in Chicago.

The band anticipates a big 2019: signing to Play Together records, their debut album as a 5-piece is out this June produced by Sam Guaiana (Hopeless Records, Equal Vision, among others) with additional production from Derek DiScanio (lead singer of pop-rock act State Champs) accompanied by several upcoming major summer show dates.


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