Pretty Fire “The Rush”

If you’re looking for something to add to you ‘Feel Good’ playlist, you’ve found your song. The sweet and slow melody of this song can brighten any day.  The music flows like a babbling brook, made only more serene by the deeply calming vocals. This song elicits feelings of just falling in love, slow and heavy all at the same time.   At the same time, the bass provides a steady beat that you just want to swing your hips to. The backing vocals, which come in at various points throughout the song, add yet another layer and bring out the warm tones. As the second chorus approaches, the backing music pauses, while the vocals continue, before coming in stronger than before and carry the song to its eventual, soft lead out.

Based out of Oakland, Pretty Fire is on a mission to spread love through music. Live, the band mixes funk, jazz, latin, and synth-pop into a fresh sound that connects emotionally as well as physically. The world will never have enough love songs, and so Pretty Fire will be releasing a new song on the first of every month through their text message service which you can sign up for by texting “FIRE” to 55222.

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