Cyberattack, “I Know the Feeling”

Nothing says Happy Thursday like getting a fresh spin on the love song! Cyberattack takes the age-old adage of contemplating the feeling we call love and manages to make a song that is orignal, catchy, and refreshing. Utilizing synth sounds that have been mangled and broken to the point of becoming their own instruments, Cyberattack’s inventive approach to retro synth-pop provides satisfying doses of psychedelia, dancehall fun, and melodic memorability. Immediately from the intro synth lick and into the first verse, “I Know the Feeling” hits the ear like something that manages to be both brand new and a familiar tune you come back to every now and again. This is 2 minutes well spent!


Cyberattack is an NYC glitch-rock band led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Ivan Anderson. Its full-length debut album, produced by Geoff Stanfield, will be released in mid-2019.


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