Drift away in contemplation with Merival and “I With Mine”

Like Iron & Wine or a dreamy James Taylor, Torontonian singer-songwriter Merival specializes in lulling the mind with song in “I With Mine.” Dreamy, fast-moving guitar arpeggios play saccharine chord progressions with a hint of dissonance that leaves in your mind a sense of melancholic eeriness. Merival’s vocals serenade and reverberate with the resonance of an empty space while airy and distant piano notes flutter above it all. As sweetly blissful as it is melancholically contemplative, Merival’s “I With Mine” is sure to satiate your need for good indie-folk for the rest of the week!


Merival is Torontonian singer-songwriter Anna Horvath, drawing inspiration from tension and gathering from the romantic and familial with practiced vulnerability. She gained recognition in 2016 with the critically acclaimed EP Lovers and will release her debut full-length in summer 2019. Her songs carry questions, exploration, and an expectation of philosophical growth. With folk lyricism and sweeping dynamic range, she strives to make sense of the key arresting moments of life.






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