Alison’s Fall “One More Time”

From start to finish, this song pulls listeners into a rocking, head banging beat that captures listeners instantly. The guitar playing, along with a heavy drum line, really marks this song for those looking for something a little edgier to add to their playlist. With a sound liken to The Pretty Reckless, this song paints a picture of dark city streets and impulsive love. The lead singer’s voice is somber enough to relate to a darker side of the song, while still maintaining a relatable quality throughout. Towards the bridge, the beat begins to slow before picking up again just as quick and heavy as before, leaving listeners wanting more as we’re brought to a strong finish.

Alison’s Fall is an alternative rock band that will seduce you to dance to the mechanical beats transferred onto drum kit. Deep roaring synth like bass and irresistible fuzzy guitar lines that ring through the beat. Coming together through the honest voice and stories of the vocals.

Influenced by acts as The Kills, St. Vincent, and Queens of the Stone Age, Alison’s Fall is not afraid of experimenting for an explicit and unique sound.

Brother and sister Pepijn and Floortje van der Kooy create the fundamentals of Alison’s Fall. Because of their years of experience, playing in different bands, making music, and growing up together. They know exactly what to expect from one and other and share the same vision.

Even though Alison’s Fall is a two men band, don’t think that just the two of them will come to a show; be ready for a full band experience, so don’t forget your earplugs!

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