Half the Animal, “Hi Lo”- lemme see you move!

Half the Animal’s “Hi Lo” is dance-ready and groovy take on modern alt-pop. Drawing on their impressive years of industry experience, the LA-based quartet pools together the funk of wedding-party standards Walk the Moon; swirling guitars and sax akin to retro-poppers The 1975; and falsetto-infused vocal hooks with a taste of attitude reminiscent of Smallpools to create an instantly-memorable dance-hall anthem. A song about dealing with two distinct sides of yourself, “Hi Lo” is a track that’s as dynamic as it’s subject matter. The verses strip back layers and leave you with syncopated guitar strokes and swinging drum rhythms, while the choruses and bridge erupt in an all out party mode that’s complete with shimmering synths and a bright saxophone top-line to put a cherry on this irresistible Thursday banger.


Following an early-age major label success(?) story that left a bad taste in their mouths, Half the Animal’s Nick Gross and Chase Johnson decided to bet on themselves and pool all their resources to develop and launch their project independently. In a short amount of time HTA has accomplished more than most bands with record deals do over the course of multiple albums. HTA has toured with Atlas Genius and Smallpools; and they’ve already been in with monster producers such as JKash (Charlie Puth, Maroon 5), Ammo (Mike Posner, Katy Perry), Captain Cuts (Walk The Moon, Iconapop), and Sam Martin (G-Eazy, Jhené Aiko).




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