Find yourself with The Dumes’ “GWTC (Gone With the City)”

Written about finding yourself during a time in which you thought you’d lost yourself, The Dumes’ “GWTC” is a hopeful and emotional blend of indie-pop, alternative, and grunge. Tomlinson’s vocals approach the personal subject matter with a lamenting sense of reflection while sounding like she’s one push away from letting it all hang out. Her delivery is initially smooth like modern pop, but grows more raspy and charged as the song’s energy builds, resulting in some goosebump-inducing high notes during the final chorus. “GWTC” starts off as chill indie with an in-the-pocket drum beat, smooth bass licks, and sparse guitar and synth accents. The first chorus provides a tease of escalation before everything pull back in for verse 2. However, The Dumes let everything come out in an unexpected moment, during “GWTC” into a grunge-infused alt-rock ballad that goes out on one hell of a high note.


The Dumes, which began in early 2018 after Tomlinson met her co-producer and collaborator, Schilke, at a party for ASCAP, is the culmination of myriad influences, from Patti Smith to hip-hop’s boom-bap to the Pretenders to Soundgarden. A music teacher by day, and co-founder of the indie-pop duo Sibling, Tomlinson retreats to her sonic abode, The Lair, at every evening opportunity to nurture her blossoming and blooming compositions.


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