“The Rush” Pretty Fire,

A soothing piece of music featuring a quaint arrangement of sonic choices which out left field includes a recording of dolphin noises, sounds interesting right?  Check out Pretty Fires new track “The Rush”.  The guitar tones are thin and the melodic choices feel noodle-y and lighthearted.  Overall the dynamics are soft which makes this a soothing beach day kind of song.  Reminds me of something you’d hear on Brushfire Records, check it out below!


I wrote this song while sitting around Lake Merritt in Oakland watching couples be cute. Love brings people in weird ways and often touch is the moment where things start getting complicated, but also exciting. I wanted to capture that feeling of being a little out of control because of the way someone’s touch can affect you, but then coming back to the sensation that everything is going to be OK.

Based out of Oakland, Pretty Fire is on a mission to spread love through music. Live, the band mixes funk, jazz, latin and synth-pop into a fresh sound that connects emotionally as well as physically. The world will never have enough love songs, and so Pretty Fire will be releasing a new song on the first of every month through their text message service which you can sign up for by texting “FIRE” to 55222.

For more info, see https://www.prettyfiremusic.com/

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