East Harbor R.W.I.B. will make you feel at home

East Harbor “R.W.I.B.” will make you feel at home.  The production combines a dreamy sonic quality that has an upbeat rhythmic arrangement you might hear while listening to the 1975 or Foster The People.  The vocalist has a really strong and diverse voice that really drives “R.W.I.B.” home for me.  If you’re in the mood to dance check out a SoundCloud embed below!


Summer is almost here and Central Florida Alternative band, East Harbor, is totally here for it with their latest release ‘R.W.I.B.’ (Right Where I Belong) . Grab your sunscreen and your keys and head to the beach, because the rule of the day is ‘no stress allowed’. This uptempo alt pop charmer had one job….to deliver you from the everyday grind and put you straight into vacay mode. Well done R.W. I B., well done. Once again, East Harbor delves into pop territory without completely abandoning their rock roots, keeping the track supremely fun and undeniably catchy.

While this release is not a first for East Harbor, the foursome has been writing and recording a collection of songs over the last two years and this is the sophomore track from that collection. Their debut release ‘Lucid’ was released on February 20 and and has been enjoyed by audiences from LA to Instanbul after being added to dozens of playlists across Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud. The band hopes to keep that momentum rolling, releasing R.W.I.B (Right Where I Belong) a mere 7 weeks later.

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